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R. H. May, false


The Mississippi State Gazette

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Natchez, Mississippi

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37; 38




Scar on left leg; Scar on top of head




Not Mentioned

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Daniels, Wright

Owner Home

Little York Township, Arkansas Territory

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September 1824

Origin of Escape

Little York Township, Arkansas Territory

Presumed Destination

New Orleans, Louisiana


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Adams County, Mississippi

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November 1824

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The University of Southern Mississippi. College of Arts and Letters. Department of History.

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Branstiter, Allan

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June 2014

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Jail of Adams County. Was Committed to the Jail of Adams County as a runaway, a Yellow Man, who calls his name JAMES, he is 5 feet 9 inches high, and by his own account, about 35 years of age; has a scar on the back of his right hand, which he states was occasioned by a burn when he was a child. He also states, that he is a free man, and was born in Northampton, Massachusetts, that he came to this place on board of the Steam Boat Mississippi, but has no papers, as other evidence of his person: his cloathing is a blue round Jacket, and coarse linen pataloons [sic]. The owner of said boy (if a Slave) [sic] is requested to come forward, and prove his property and take him out of Jail. November 26, 1824. Was Committed to the Jail of Adams County, by Henry Tooley, Esq., on the 24th Nov. instant, as a run away, a Negro Man, who calls his name ANDERSON. He says he belongs to JOHN ROGERS of Fayette County, Kentucky; that he left his Master in June last, and went to the falls of Ohio, where he got on board a flat boat owned by a Mr. Roberts, and worked his passage to this place, where he left the boat, which continued on to New Orleans. He is 5 feet 4 inches high, and about 23 years of age, his eyes of a yellow cast; has a smooth black skin, no other distinguishing marks. November 26, 1824. Was Committed to the Jail of Adams County, by Henry Tooley, Esq., on the 26th inst. [Nov.] as a runaway, A Negro Man, whose calls his name BEN, he says that he belongs to WRIGHT DANIELS, who lives in Arkansas Territory, in Little York Township, and that he left his Master on a raft of timber, below the mouth of Red River, on his way to New Orleans, about 6 weeks ago. He is 5 feet 7 inches high, about 37 or 38 years of age; has a scar on the top of his head, and one on his left leg. The owners of the above Negroes are requested to comply with the law, and take them out of jail. R. H. MAY, Jailor. Adams County.

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