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The Vicksburg Register

Place of Publication

Vicksburg, Mississippi

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November 1832

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19; 20


Slightly above average


Slender; Good figure


Bright mulatto


Active; Brisk; Long hair; Straight hair; Black eyes; Long chin; Long nose; Long face; Shy down look




Not Mentioned

Owner Name

Knox, Andrew

Owner Home

Lake Washington, Mississippi

Previous Owner

Not mentioned

Date of Escape (in MM-DD-YYYY format)

November 1832

Origin of Escape

Lake Washington, Mississippi

Presumed Destination

One of the free States of Texas; Spanish Territory


Fled or captured with a white person or person(s)



Means of Escape

None mentioned

Reward Offered

$100; $200; $500

Contributing Institution

The University of Southern Mississippi. College of Arts and Letters. Department of History.

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Branstiter, Allan

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June 2014

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$500 Reward. Was stolen from plantation of the subscriber, on Lake Washington, Washington county, Mississippi, on Saturday night the 24th inst. a negro girl named GRACE. Said girl is a bright mulatto, aged about nineteen or twenty years, a little above the middle height, good figure when dressed, slender make, but active and brisk in her movements; her hair is long, black and almost straight; black eyes, long chin, tolerably large and with long nose and long face, has a shy down look when spoken to. The thief is a thick set man, about five feet eight inches high, twenty seven or thirty years of age, Dutch descent, but has no brogue; speaks tolerably loud and slow with some hesitation for want of words; voice when engaged in conversation, alternately coarse and fine; had a loud haw haw laugh [sic], occasionally wound up with the exclamations of goody goddy and ole loddy [sic]: has light thin hair, low flat forehead, large watery pale blue eyes, high cheek bones, large nose, large mouth generally open when silent, had on when he went away, a dark grey satinett or cloth frock coat with large pockets in the sides; blue mixed jeans pantaloons, white hat & blue camblet coat: dress of the girl not recollected, she had a great many fine clothes, and will probably change them often. There is no doubt but the thief will dress her in boy’s clothes and attempt to pass her off as a boy, as he was seen the day after he left, with a mulatto boy in possession, who he said he had purchased, but was no doubt the above described girl. It is presumed he will make for one of the free States of Texas; if for the latter country, he will make the route by the Post of Ouchita [sic], or by the way of Red River. Two hundred dollars will be given by the subscriber for the apprehension of the thief separately or with the girl, and one hundred dollars for the girl separately. A purse to the amount of three hundred dollars more has been raised by the neighboring planters, for those who will apprehend the thief. The name of the suspected thief is Paul A. Guire, he lived several years in Claibourne [sic] county; in this State; but latterly when not engaged in overseeing, on the Mississippi river, about twelve miles below Lake Providence, on the Louisiana side, where his parents and brothers, (all of whom are honest and respectable citizens) [sic] now reside. [illegible] on the plantation of the subscriber in the capacity of overseer, ever since August, 183[illegible], until a week or ten days before he was absconded with the above described girl. He conducted himself very well until two or three months before he was committed this offence, when he became careless and loose in his management, and engaged in habits of sexual intercourse with the girl. ANDREW KNOX The La. Advertiser will please publish the above six times in the daily, and six times in the weekly paper, and forward their account to this office. Princeton, Washington co Mi.

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