Georges Rouault


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Color aquatint on paper 12 x 8 inches

Monogram and date on the plate GR 1934

LOK 2005.6.1

Our example of Rouault’s art is a page from a rather happy suite, dealing with the famous French circus “The Shooting Star,” which has provided inspiration to other artists too. Rouault’s vision of it is that of a series of clowns and acrobats boldly facing the public almost like saints in a gothic church. He worked on it for many years, before it was published by the well-known art dealer Ambroise Vollard in 1938, an edition of 250. Master Arthur is a magician of immense grace and gravity. It is signed on the plate, as the suite would be signed by hand. Vollard expected the suite to be sold as a whole, but our Master Arthur made its way to Southern Miss alone.


Cook Library Art Gallery Permanent Collection, Georges Rouault, Maître Arthur, aquatint