Date of Award

Summer 2017

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Committee Chair

Brad Dufrene

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Joe Olmi

Committee Member 2 Department


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Keith Radley

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Committee Member 4

Evan Dart

Committee Member 4 Department



This study tested the efficacy of in situ training via a multiple baseline design across participants for increasing four Head Start teachers’ use of behavior specific praise (BSP) in classroom settings while evaluating concomitant changes in their classes’ behavior. Of further interest was the extent to which Head Start teachers maintained and generalized use of BSP in untrained settings. The results of this study indicate that in situ training was effective for increasing Head Start teachers’ use of BSP above baseline rates and generally maintained above a predetermined criterion (i.e., .5 BSP statements per minute). Data also indicate that Head Start teachers generalized use of BSP to untrained settings. Finally, increases in Head Start children’s appropriately engaged behavior and decreases in disruptive behavior were observed in trained and untrained settings. The results of this study are discussed in terms of its extension of the school-based consultation literature, its limitations, future directions for research, and implications for applied practice.