Date of Award

Spring 2019

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Lilian Hill

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Richard Mohn

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Thomas O'Brien

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Kyna Shelley

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Cohort default rates can impact an institution’s ability to participate in the Title IV aid programs. Title IV aid programs such as the federal Pell grant, federal work-study program, and the federal loan program is critical to student enrollment. If an institution loses its participation in the Title IV aid programs, this would be detrimental to both students and the institution. Cohort default rates at Mississippi community and junior colleges are currently above the national average. This qualitative study examines the default prevention and management practices at Mississippi community and junior colleges. Using an interview protocol, the researcher interviewed financial aid administrators to determine what practices and procedures are used at Mississippi community and junior colleges to manage their cohort default rates. The results of the study reveal that institutions in the study are completing the regulatory tasks suggested by the U.S Department of Education. In addition, one institution is using a formal default prevention and management plan approved by the US Department of Education. As a result of the findings, it is recommended that all institutions develop and implement default prevention and management plans.