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Summer 2020

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Dr. Colin McKenzie

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Dr. Amanda Schlegel

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Dr. Melody Causby

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Larry Panella

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The purpose of this study was to describe instructor perspectives and curricular content of jazz courses within undergraduate instrumental music education programs at selected colleges and universities accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). Respondents (N = 69), comprised of music department chairpersons or suitable jazz education music faculty, answered 16 Likert-type and open-ended content questions that asked about jazz-related course offerings and faculty member perspectives. Likert-type items allowed participants to indicate their level of importance ranging from Not Important (1) to Absolutely Essential (10) and level of agreement ranging from Strongly Disagree (1) to Strongly Agree (10).

The most common jazz-related course offerings were Jazz Band, Jazz Combo, and Jazz Improvisation. The data also suggest a number of reasons that limit undergraduate music education majors from participating in jazz-related course offerings which include state and accreditation credit hour requirements, institutional focus on traditional/classical music, jazz-related courses that serve as electives instead of requirements, and scheduling conflicts. Although respondents (N = 69) indicated a moderately high level of agreement (M = 7.46, SD = 2.52) regarding faculty perspectives to include required jazz education courses in the undergraduate music education degree program, 89.9% also indicated no upcoming revisions to their undergraduate music education degree programs to include jazz-related courses over the next five years. Similar results were found in previous studies (Bauche, 1982; Hepworth, 1974; Hinkle, 1977; Jones, 2005; Knox, 1996; Rummel, 2005; Thomas, 1980; Treinen, 2011).