Divorce and Forgiveness: A Comparison Between Genders

Alison Kathleen Johnson, University of Southern Mississippi


Divorce has become more commonplace throughout time. This study was conducted to determine if there were any differences between genders concerning forgiveness of their ex-spouses. Four instruments including the Enright Forgiveness Inventory, Fisher Divorce Assessment, Learning Activities Survey, and structured qualitative interviews were used to determine the differences specifically with regard to how men and women forgive and at what rate they forgive.

The sample included divorced adults employed by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health and graduate students in the Department of Educational Studies and Research at a local university. A total of 31 completed surveys were returned, and 10 participants participated in the interviews. According to the findings, there was neither significant difference in how men and women forgive their ex-spouses post divorce, nor was there a significant difference in how quickly men and women forgave their ex-spouses.