Date of Award

Summer 8-2014

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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Criminal Justice

Committee Chair

Alan Thompson

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Criminal Justice

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Lisa Nored

Committee Member 2 Department

Criminal Justice

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William Johnson

Committee Member 3 Department

Criminal Justice

Committee Member 4

Mary Evans

Committee Member 4 Department

Criminal Justice


Criminal investigations are a fundamental part of the police mission. Little research or scientific inquiry has been considered in this area. However, within the past fifty years there has been some noteworthy research performed. Still, the amount of research undertaken within the realm of the criminal investigative process has not corresponded to the magnitude of its importance in everyday police operations. The research by Chaiken, Greenwood, and Petersillia (1976) on the criminal investigative process was the most substantial contribution to the research of the criminal investigative process in its time. However, in 2001 nearly twenty-five years had passed since the publication of the Chaiken et al. (1976) research; Horvath, Meesig, and Lee (2001) researched and published a nationally representative study conducted on the criminal investigation process. This study attempts to fill the literary void by describing the modern criminal investigative process. The author hopes to accomplish this by conducting a study that will compliment comparisons between past and present findings, thus, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the criminal investigative process.