Magnolia Book Awards FAQ:

  • How long have the Magnolia Book Awards been in existence?


  • Who oversees the Magnolia Book Awards?

The Magnolia Executive Board oversees the award. This group is made up of public librarians, school librarians, and representatives from the School of Library and Information Science, the Mississippi Library Commission, the Mississippi Library Association, and the de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection.

  • What do the selection committees do?

They make book suggestions and read all the recommended titles for their age category. Then working as a group, they select the appropriate number and balance (fiction and non-fiction) titles from the recommendations for voting for the year.

  • Who serves on the selection committees?

Public librarians, school librarians, and other youth librarians or professionals that volunteer. You can volunteer by filling out the form ( When spots become available, you will be contacted.

  • Who can vote?

Children and teens living in the state of Mississippi.

  • When will the Magnolia Book Awards be presented?

The winners will be recognized at the Fay B. Kaigler Children’s Book Festival in April.

  • Who can nominate?*

Teachers, librarians, publishers, children and teens, or anyone can nominate a title for committee consideration.

  • Where can I read/find the nominated books?

Check your local library and school library for titles! Also, the books should be available through regular retail sources.

  • Do I have to read all the books in order to vote?

While we hope you will read all the books, we ask that you read at least 75% of the list in the category in which you are voting.

  • How is voting conducted?

Voting is held annually in February and is overseen by a designated individual (teacher, librarian, bookstore manager, etc.) at each participating voting location throughout the state of Mississippi. You may use a ballot box, marks made by title, online surveys, etc. It is up to the location to determine how to run their voting.

*Additional information on nominations can be found on the “Submit Nominations” page.