Welcome to the University of Southern Mississippi History Project!

The USM History Project is an evolving and community-generated exhibition that covers many aspects of USM’s history from its origins in the early twentieth century to today.

The first entries were posted in the fall of 2023 and is periodically added to by USM students who conduct research on various aspects of campus history. The USM History Project benefits from the wide research interests of its writers and therefore encompasses topics that range in scope and scale. It is, and will continue to be, an ever-evolving reflection of the University of Southern Mississippi’s complex and diverse history.

The various exhibitions and articles, both digital and physical, as well as the many interactive elements of this exhibition are created by Southern Miss students enrolled in HIS 350: Public History in Theory and Practice who utilized the resources of the Special Collections in the McCain McCain Library and Archives: https://lib.usm.edu/about_us/libraries_collections/mccain_library_archives/

If current USM students want to contribute a piece to the USM History Project, contact Prof. Winters at john.winters@usm.edu for more information.

John Frazier: The Untold Story
Race, Politics, and Administration in USM History
Greek Life
Greek Life