Huerteales sister to Brassicales plus Malvales, and newly circumscribed to include Dipentodon, Gerrardina, Huertea, Perrottetia, and Tapiscia

Mac H. Alford, University of Southern Mississippi


Sequence data from the matK gene, the trnK group II intron, the trnL group I intron and the trnL-F spacer were analysed for a broad sampling of the rosids and other eudicots. For the first time all putative genera of Dipentodontaceae and Tapisciaceae (Dipentodon, Huertea, Perrottetia, Tapiscia), as well as the recently described Gerrardinaceae were included in a molecular phylogenetic dataset. All genera were found in a well Supported Huerteales clade. Moreover, with the rapidly evolving and non-coding plastid sequence data we were able to resolve the Huerteales clade to branch after Sapindales, and to be sister to a Brassicales-Malvales clade. Increased resolution and Support among the malvids underscore the potential of plastid introns and spacers as well as the matK gene as phylogenetic markers in rosids.