Development and Pilot Testing of the Faculty Advisor Evaluation Questionnaire

Elizabeth Harrison, University of Southern Mississippi


The importance of academic advising has been established in part by its designation as an element in the American Association of Colleges of Nursing's Standards for Accreditation. In addition, academic advising plays an essential role in students' development, academic success, satisfaction, recruitment, and retention; therefore, access to valid and reliable evaluation tools is of considerable importance. The purpose of this study was to develop and pilot test the Faculty Advisor Evaluation Questionnaire (FAEQ), which is an instrument developed from qualitative nursing research. The psychometric properties were explored using face and content validity, internal consistency reliability, and principle components factor analysis. The four-factor solution of the resulting 30-item questionnaire accounted for 81% of the variability. Cronbach's alpha values of the four factors ranged from 0.885 to 0.974. The FAEQ should elicit valid and reliable results, although further testing is needed to validate the findings in a larger and more diverse sample.