GOfetcher: a database with complex searching facility for gene ontology

Mehdi Pirooznia, University of Southern Mississippi
Tanwir Habib, University of Southern Mississippi
Youping Deng, University of Southern Mississippi


Motivation: An important contribution to the Gene Ontology (GO) project is to develop tools that facilitate the creation, maintenance and use of ontologies. Several tools have been created for communicating and using the GO project. However, a limitation with most of these tools is that they suffer from lack of a comprehensive search facility. We developed a web application, GOfetcher, with a very comprehensive search facility for the GO project and a variety of output formats for the results. GOfetcher has three different levels for searching the GO: Quick Search, Advanced Search and Upload Files for searching. The application includes a unique search option which generates gene information given a nucleotide or protein accession number which can then be used in generating GO information. The output data in GOfetcher can be saved into several different formats; including spreadsheet, comma-separated values and the extensible markup language (XML) format. The database is available at http://mcbc.usm.edu/gofetcher/.