A reinvestigation of the electrochemical behavior of SC3N@C-80

J. Paige Phillips Buchanan, University of Southern Mississippi
Steven Stevenson, University of Southern Mississippi


Electrochemical studies of the It, isomer of Sc3N@C-80 in acetonitrile/toluene solvent mixture were performed. Controlled potential electrolysis was used to increase the solubility of the compounds via reduction and all CV and DPV investigations were performed under the vapor pressure of the prevailing solvents. The reduction and oxidation processes were found to be electrochemically quasi-reversible by cyclic voltammetry techniques, suggestive of a nondegenerate LUMO and accessible LUMO + 1. The electrochemical properties of SC3N@C-80 (I-h) were comparatively discussed with our previous results performed in o-dichlorobenzene and results published by other authors in an acetonitrile/toluene solvent mixture. (c) 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.