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Polymer Science and Engineering


All-polymer solar cells (all-PSCs) are the most promising power generators for flexible and portable devices due to excellent morphology stability and outstanding mechanical property. Previous work indicates high crystallinity is beneficial to device performance but detrimental to mechanical property, therefore identifying the optimized ratio between crystalline and amorphous domains becomes important. In this work, we demonstrated highly efficient and mechanically robust all-PSCs by blade-coating technology in ambient environment based on PTzBI:N2200 system. By controlling the aggregation in solution state and ultrafast film formation process, a weakly ordered molecular packing morphology as well as small phase separation is obtained, which leads to not only the good photovoltaic performance (8.36%-one of the best blade-cast device in air) but also prominent mechanical characteristic. The controlled film shows a remarkable elongation with the crack onset strain of 15.6%, which is the highest result in organic solar cells without adding elastomers. These observations indicate the great promise of the developed all-PSCs for practical applications toward large-area processing technology.


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Final version published at: 10.1016/j.nanoen.2019.02.046

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Nano Energy



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