An Output Model for Human Resource Development Analytics

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Human Capital Development


Interdisciplinary Studies and Professional Development


Analytics helps organizations excel. Many organizational leaders do not believe their organizations can benefit from analytics, in part because of the perceived complexity of analytics outputs. Analytics outputs are the artifacts produced by analytics systems, including data, information, decisions, and changes in behaviors, to name a few examples. These outputs determine the value and roles analytics play in serving individuals and the organization. This article uses an integrative literature review of the information‐systems literature to develop an analytics system model and hierarchy of outputs. It examines general and human‐resource–development analytics definitions to assess the fit of the analytics outputs identified to the hierarchy of outputs from the analysis of the literature. It provides guidance for human‐resource development and performance improvement practitioners to identify the capabilities of analytics and the fit of these systems to their needs. It identifies research extensions based on the models presented here.

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Performance Improvement Quarterly

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