The Competitiveness of the Cuban Tourism Industry in the Twenty-First Century: A Strategic Re-Evaluation

Mark M. Miller, University of Southern Mississippi
Tony L. Henthorne, University of Southern Mississippi
Babu P. George, University of Southern Mississippi


Cuba holds great potential for competitiveness within the Caribbean regional, and even global, tourism industry. The question "Can Cuba realize this potential?" looms increasingly large across the region and within U.S. tourism interests, as Castro's health is in question and brother Raul assumes more control over the country's political economy. This article analyzes the Cuban tourism industry's current position in the context of leading current models of competitive advantage. It is concluded that, in the case of Cuba, ambitious competitive strategies have been diminished to date by less-focused execution in practice. In general, however, careful analysis of competitive positioning can provide potential for greater success of individual destinations and enhanced regional cooperation.