Work Value Differentiation and Profile Evaluation: What Do They Predict?

Jinhao Chi, University of Southern Mississippi
Melanie E. Leuty, University of Southern Mississippi
Emily Bullock-Yowell, University of Southern Mississippi
Eric R. Dahlen, University of Southern Mississippi


The current study examined work value differentiation and profile elevation (PE). Using a sample of 251 college students who provided data on the O*NET Work Importance Profiler online, it was found that (1) when differentiation of work values was calculated using three indices (i.e., high–low differentiation, Iachan differentiation, and variance differentiation), only Iachan differentiation positively related to indecision; (2) none of the three indices of differentiation related to career maturity; (3) work value PE positively related to extraversion and openness and negatively related to depressive symptoms and career indecision but was unrelated to career certainty and neuroticism; and (4) work value PE moderated the relationship between Iachan differentiation and career indecision. The findings from this study have valuable implications for both vocational counselors and clients and should help to improve the utility of individuals’ work values results.