Effects of Nanofiller Morphology and Aspect Ratio On the Rheo-Mechanical Properties of Polyimide Nanocomposites

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Polymers and High Performance Materials


New polyimide nanocomposites containing organically modified montmorillonite (MMT), synthetic silicate (chrysotile) nanotubes (SNT), and zirconium dioxide (ZrO(2)) were prepared to investigate the influence of the nanoparticle morphology on the nanocomposite rheology and mechanical properties under selected conditions that the materials are likely to encounter during use. The efficiency of homogeneous dispersion of the nanoparticles in the polyimide matrix was studied by measuring the rheology of model oligoimides (OI) dispersions containing the desired amounts of the nanoparticles. The OI/nanoparticles dispersions showed significant increase in complex viscosity with increasing concentration of the nanoparticles that depended strongly on the nanoparticle morphology and aspect ratio. Polyimide nanocomposite films (PI-PM) prepared from the poly(amic acid) of poly(pyromellitic dianhydride-co-4,4'-oxydianiline) (PM) filled with the desired concentration of the nanoparticles showed an increase in tensile modulus with increasing nanoparticle concentration in the order MMT>SNT>ZrO(2). In contrast to the PI-PM/MMT films, the PI-PM films filled with 10 vol% of SNT and ZrO(2) showed higher sample failure strains, suggesting that the SNT and ZrO2 may be more effective in improving the ductility of the polyimide nanocomposites for applications where the relatively brittle polyimide/MMT nanocomposites films are not useable.

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Express Polymer Letters





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