Brand Love: Corroborating Evidence Across Four Continents

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© 2020 Elsevier Inc. The brand love conceptualization developed by Batra and his colleagues (2012) provides an integrative view of love as an emotional relationship between customers and their loved brands. Despite receiving over 1200 citations on Google Scholar, the original scale has not been re-examined despite its popularity, due in part to the large numbers of items the construct contains. This study replicates the original study and assesses the validity of this construct in six cultural contexts, five countries (Australia, China, France, UK, and the US), and across four continents. With the exception of Australia, the original brand love construct had to be modified to achieve a satisfactory model fit. The nomological validity of the brand love construct was confirmed in four out of six cultural contexts. This research carries implications for conducting cross-cultural research using constructs originally developed in specific cultural contexts.

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Journal of Business Research

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