Effect of the halide Counterion in the ROMP of exo-benzyl-[2-(3,5-dioxo-10-oxa-4-azatricyclo[,6)]dec-8-en-4-yl) ethyl] dimethyl ammonium bromide/chloride

David A. Rankin
Hans-Joerg Schanz
Andrew B. Lowe


We describe results relating to the effect of halide counterion in the ROMP of a permanently cationic exo-7-oxanorbornene derivative. Statistical copolymerizations of exo-benzyl-[2-(3,5dioxo-10-oxa-4-aza-tricyclo[,6)]dec-8-en-4-yl)ethyl]dimethyl ammonium bromide/chloride were conducted at different molar ratios and the polymerizations evaluated with respect to their kinetic features, as well as their molecular mass profiles, as a function of conversion, and the ability to produce materials with narrow molecular mass distributions. The polymerization characteristics are rationalized in terms of the in situ formation of the mixed Grubbs' derivative RuCIBr(PCy3)(2)CHPh and/or the dibromo analog RuBr2(PCY3)(2)CHPh.