Becoming a Hispanic-Serving Institution: A Case Study of Faculty Perspectives on Teaching Philosophies and Pedagogical Stance

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Conducted at a university that has just transitioned into a Hispanic serving institution (HSI), this exploratory case study investigated the formation of new institutional identity from a pedagogical perspective. Examining faculty perspectives on what it means to teach and learn at a newborn Hispanic serving institution, this study sought to uncover a less frequently explored aspect of a Hispanic serving identity–faculty teaching philosophies and pedagogical stance. The data were gathered through interviews and focus groups with 29 faculty members of varied ranks, disciplines, and teaching experiences. The results revealed the following six themes in relation to participants’ teaching philosophies and pedagogical stance: (1) understanding the complexity of Latinx student identity, (2) moving from a deficit to asset paradigm, (3) building student peer communities, (4) infusing culturally relevant curricula, (5) implementing culturally responsive teaching practices, and (6) increasing faculty agency and support. The study presents practical recommendations for applying the findings in both HSI and emerging HSI settings, as well as on all campuses serving the growing population of Latinx students.

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Journal of Latinos and Education

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