The Development of the CASVE-CQ: A CIP Perspective on Assessing Decision-Making Progress

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The CASVE-Cycle Questionnaire (CASVE-CQ) was developed to assess career decision-making progress and operationalizes the Cognitive Information Processing Theory’s CASVE Cycle decision-making approach. Development occurred across three unique studies. In the pilot study’s college student sample (N = 323) and initial adult sample (N = 427), two exploratory factor analyses supported a theoretically consistent six-factor solution. A confirmatory factor analysis in the second adult sample (N = 342) confirmed the factor structure, resulting in a 42-item measure with six subscales. A second-order factor analysis assessed the utility of a CASVE-CQ total score. Consistent with theory, this model did not converge, and a total score for the CASVE-CQ was not supported. Supporting the validity of the CASVE-CQ as a decision-making progress measure, greater decision-making activity in each phase/subscale was associated with lower career decision-making difficulties, stable vocational identity, and greater career commitment. Continued test development steps and theory, research, and practice implications, are discussed.

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Journal of Career Assessment

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