Bug-in-the-Ear Training Increases Teachers’ Effective Instruction Delivery and Student Compliance

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Many teachers struggle to implement behavioral interventions in the classroom with sufficient treatment integrity. One way to support teachers’ intervention implementation is through bug-in-the-ear (BITE) training, a training format in which a school-based consultant provides teachers real-time prompts and immediate performance feedback as teachers interact with students. In the current study, a multiple baseline design across three teachers was used to test the independent effects of BITE training on teachers’ initial and maintained use of effective instruction delivery (EID), an intervention for increasing student compliance with teacher instructions. Student compliance in response to EID was also measured. Results indicated immediate and large increases in EID and student compliance, with both outcomes maintained at high levels post-BITE training. Teachers also rated BITE training positively on a social validity measure. Limitations, directions for future research, and implications for applied practice are discussed.

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Journal of Behavioral Education

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