Multi-Agent Based Distributed Dynamic State Estimation Algorithm for Smart Grid Integrating Intermittent Electric Vehicles

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Conference Proceeding

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Computing Sciences and Computer Engineering


Large number of physical systems such as electric vehicles and energy storage elements are connected to the main grid. Monitoring and regulating of this interconnected cyberphysical power system state within a short period of time is a challenging task, and it can perform by the process of grid state estimation. This paper proposes a multi-agent based optimal distributed dynamic state estimation algorithm for smart grid incorporating intermittent electric vehicles and turbines. After mathematically representation of large-scale grid systems into a compact state-space framework, the smart sensors are installed to get real-time measurements which are manipulated by environmental noise. A distributed smart grid state estimation process is developed and verified. Each agent learns and runs an innovation and consensus type distributed scheme based on local measurements, previous and neighbouring estimated grid states. In this way, each local agent estimated grid state converges to the global consensus estimation over time. The proposed algorithm can effectively reconstruct the original grid states.

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15th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference, SysCon 2021 - Proceedings

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