How Rigid are Conjugated Non-Ladder and Ladder Polymers?

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Polymer Science and Engineering


Persistence length is commonly used to quantitatively describe the chain rigidity of macromolecules, which represents an important structural parameter governing many physical properties of polymers. Although the mathematical models and experimental measurements on the chain rigidity of conventional single stranded polymers have been well explored and documented, those of the more rigid yet highly intriguing multiple stranded polymers, especially conjugated ladder polymers, are yet not well established. This article introduces the fundamental concepts on macromolecular chain rigidity, as well as the corresponding experimental methods, models, and simulations. Subsequently, representative examples of works done on the chain rigidity of nonladder conjugated polymers and conjugated ladder polymers are reviewed. Last but not least, it provides outlooks on the challenges with respect to the less-investigated chain rigidity of conjugated ladder polymers, including new models to describe and predict chain conformation, synthetic control on structural defects, and insights into the correlation of rigidity and applications.

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Journal of Polymer Science

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