A Taxonomic Revision of Ophiobotrys, Osmelia, and Pseudosmelia (Samydaceae/Salicaceae s.l.)

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Biological Sciences


Biological, Environmental, and Earth Sciences


The circumscription of species and subsequent classification into genera were reassessed for Ophiobotrys, Osmelia, and Pseudosmelia, three closely related genera of Old World Samydaceae (Salicaceae sensu lato). Phylogenetic analyses of plastid DNA data were performed and affirm the placement of these genera in Samydaceae, and a phylogenetic analysis of morphological data indicates that Pseudosmelia is nested within Osmelia. Pseudosmelia is also very similar vegetatively to one species of Osmelia and differs significantly only in the size and shape of fruit and the number of seeds per fruit. Thus, the one species of Pseudosmelia is transferred to Osmelia as O. moluccana. Ophiobotrys and Osmelia are maintained as separate genera, as there are several qualitative and quantitative differences in reproductive characters, and they occur on different continents. The number of species of Osmelia sensu stricto and their general circumscriptions concur with the assessment of Sleumer in Flora Malesiana. Keys to the genera and species are presented, as well as distributional data and lectotypifications for 13 names.

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