CHAPTER 7: Hybrid Graphitic Carbon Nitride (gCN)-Based Devices for Energy Storage and Production

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Polymer Science and Engineering


The increasing demand for energy and the reducing supply of conventional energy storage devices have inspired interest to design environmentally-friendly, abundant, and cheap materials for energy storage applications. Graphitic carbon nitride (gCN)-based hybrids have attracted research efforts due to their attractive properties, structures, and performance. In this respect, this chapter addresses the different hybrid gCN-based devices for energy storage applications. The supercapacitance efficiency of gCNs can be improved by incorporating carbon-based materials, metal oxides/hydroxides, or metal sulfides, which increase the surface area and active sites and facilitate the faradaic reaction. The pulverization and aggregation of electrodes and relatively low electrical conductivity demonstrate the major challenges for Li+ storage applications using gCNs. This chapter highlights the recent advances in the rational design of gCN-based devices for energy production and storage applications. This includes fabrication of gCN-hybrids with carbon materials, metal oxides, and metal sulfides for Li-ion batteries (LIBs), Li–S batteries (LSBs), and supercapacitors. The current challenges and future perspectives on gCN-based energy production devices are also discussed.

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Carbon Nitride Nanostructures For Sustainable Energy Production and Environmental Remediation



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