Pre-Cured Epoxy Amine Microparticles With Tailored Reactivity For the Study and Control of Matrix Formation

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Polymer Science and Engineering


Carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites contain significant interfacial area between carbon fibers and the supporting matrix material. Many studies have been conducted regarding the energetic driving force for the formation of an interphase in the vicinity of these fibers, including attempts to improve fiber-matrix interactions. Despite this, we still have an incomplete understanding of interphase formation due to the complexity of network formation in composite materials. The authors, therefore, have developed a model system to study the impact of additives on matrix formation and final network mechanics. The model consists of pre-cured epoxy amine microparticles dispersed into the selfsame epoxy amine formulation prior to cure. Using the selfsame formulation for both microparticle and matrix is designed to negate the formation of an off-stoichiometric interphase. Both non-reactive and reactive microparticles were studied to compare the impact of non-bonded interactions and network disruption with covalently bound additives. Utilizing these selfsame “ghost particles” we establish a more complete understanding of interphase formation and the impact of additives on composite properties.

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CAMX 2019 - Composites and Advanced Materials Expo