Impacts of Constrained Space On Network Formation and Mechanics In Glassy Polymer Networks

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Polymer Science and Engineering


Carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites contain significant interfacial area between carbon fibers and the supporting matrix material. Many studies have been conducted regarding the energetic driving force for the formation of an interphase in the vicinity of these fibers, including attempts to improve fiber-matrix interactions. However, to date there have been no investigations regarding the effect of constrained space caused by an additive on matrix formation and final properties. Therefore, the authors have undertaken a study utilizing fully cured, on stoichiometry, epoxy amine microspheres dispersed in the selfsame epoxy amine formulation to probe the effect of the constrained space adjacent to the sphere's surface on final network properties. The microspheres have been shown to have similar thermal and thermomechanical properties to those of the bulk matrix. Microspheres were dispersed in the selfsame epoxy amine formulation at varying loading levels and cured, and the resulting alloy thermomechanical and mechanical properties were tested. It was observed that the thermal stability and thermomechanical properties were unchanged compared to the neat matrix properties. Alloys were tested in compression, and were found to be favorable in comparison to the neat matrix mechanical properties.

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CAMX 2018 - Composites and Advanced Materials Expo