Effects of Instagram User-Generated Content on Travel Inspiration and Planning: An Extended Model of Technology Acceptance

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Focusing on four types of user-generated content (UGC) on Instagram for travel planning, this study examined the impacts of UGC format, distribution channel, and engagement on travelers’ feelings of social presence, trustworthiness, and perceived enjoyment. These factors were then used to test an extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) on trip planning. Results showed response-to-marketer-action UGC hosted on official Instagram channel was an effective way to increase perceived enjoyment of travel-related UGC in a low engagement situation. Social presence, perceived trustworthiness, and perceived enjoyment were included as three external variables in an extended TAM for UGC-based travel planning. Compared to previous TAM studies, perceived ease of use and enjoyment, instead of perceived usefulness, were strong predictors of attitude and intention for UGC-based travel planning. Seeking fun with less effort is a main reason to process UGC information on Instagram for travel planning.

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Journal of Promotion Management

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