Moving Out of Your Mind and Into Your Body: Yoga Buffers the Effects of Childhood Maltreatment On PTSD Symptoms

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Child and Family Studies


Objective: Childhood maltreatment has been consistently linked to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms among college students and yoga may buffer the effects. The current study examined the frequency of college student’s yoga practice over the past year as a moderator of childhood maltreatment and PTSD symptoms in the past 30 days.

Participants: A sample of 177 college students from a southern university.

Methods: Participants competed an online survey in exchange for extra credit or entry into a gift card raffle.

Results: Moderation analysis indicated that a more frequent yoga practice buffered the relationship between maltreatment and PTSD symptoms.

Conclusion: Clinicians working with college students with a history of maltreatment are encouraged to make referrals to yoga classes. Universities are encouraged to adopt trauma-sensitive yoga programs.

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Journal of American College Health

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