Rapid removal of D-5h isomer using the "stir and filter approach" and isolation of large quantities of isomerically pure Sc3N@C-80 metallic nitride fullerenes

Steven Stevenson
Mary A. Mackey
Curtis E. Coumbe
J. Paige Phillips Buchanan, University of Southern Mississippi


The availability of isomerically pure samples of metallic nitride fullerenes (e.g., Sc3N@C-80) is paramount for accurate characterization and experimentation. In this Communication, we report a rapid (13 h) removal of contaminant D-5h Sc3N@C-80 isomer and the subsequent isolation of large quantities (0.112 g) of isomerically pure I-h Sc3N@C-80 metallofullerenes using a diaminosilica "Stir and Filter Approach" process. Confirmation of D-5h isomer removal is obtained via HPLC and electrochemical analysis.