Discipline Specific Information Literacy In Higher Education

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This study explores the lessons learned of faculty participating in an Affordable Learning Georgia grant. The grant initiative focuses on reducing costs of textbooks and the enhancement of Georgia’s Virtual Library. The project built on an original project created by Huffman and Bernstein (2016), titled Foundations of Information Literacy.

Four faculty members at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College self-selected to participate in this grant. Each member created a chapter with research activities for their senior capstone courses in spring 2021. The librarian also wrote a chapter addressing issues as they relate to the ACRL frame ”Research as Inquiry” and the criteria for social science and STEM related information literacy.

During the grant, each faculty participant produced one chapter on the ACRL frame “Research as Inquiry”. The four faculty members were from the following disciplines: Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, and Land Management. The chapter included in course activities that demonstrated examples of how best to address this ACRL frame in the curriculum. After the completion of the chapter, faculty members were interviewed over Zoom during the summer of 2021. The research questions were addressed in the interviews:

RQ1: What are the faculty members' perceptions of the information literacy ACRL frame “Research as Inquiry”?

RQ2: What was the most helpful resource to the faculty members?

RQ3: What are some information literacy issues for your discipline?

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Georgia International Conference On Information Literacy

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