Two New Species of Tanaidacea of the Genus Kalliapseudes Stebbing, 1910 (Crustacea : Apseudomorpha : Kalliapseudidae) from Australia

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Coastal Sciences, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory


Two new species of kalliapseudid tanaidacea from Australia, Kalliapseudes longisetosus and Kalliapseudes messingi, are described from marine waters off Sydney, New South Wales and the Northwest continental shelf, respectively. Kalliapseudes longisetosus is distinguished from the other congeners by the presence of a single, very long simple seta on the anterior corners of the pereonites (about as long as the first pereonite) and several very long simple setae on the basis of the second and third pereopods (about as long as the basis). This new species is the second member of the genus to be reported from New South Wales. Kalliapseudes messingi is distinguished by having two small setae medially on the dactylus of pereopods 4 and 5, by the female having a tuft of sensory setae subterminally on the dactylus of pereopod 6, and by having three plumose setae on both the cheliped and pereopod 1 exopodite and is the first member of the genus to be reported from the Northwest continental shelf of Australia. Both species have a needle-like tip on the dactylus of the second and third pereopods. A table giving the distribution data for the species of Kalliapseudes and a key to the genera and species of Kalliapseudidae now known from Australia are presented.

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