A Novel Distributed Database Architectural Model For Mobile Cloud Computing

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Computing Sciences and Computer Engineering


Cloud computing is the way by which we connect to servers, large systems into a distributed secure manner without worrying about local memory limits. Here, in this paper, we proposed a Novel distributed database architectural model for mobile cloud computing (NDDAMMCC). Accelerating the exponential growth of wireless technologies and Internet which are following Nielsen’s Law of Internet Bandwidth, we are in the new era of cloud computing. In the recent technological era, smart mobile devices play a big role in all sort of day-by-day human needs. The applicability is so huge that the number of apps install on a mobile system becomes a hazard due to local memory limitations for mobile phone users and demands an alternative approach to solve this local memory problems. Mobile cloud computing (MCC) is the ultimate mechanism to this issue, and our model presents a promising path in this new kind of cloud computing technology.

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Topical Drifts In Intelligent Computing

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