Host IP Obfuscation and Performance Analysis

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Computing Sciences and Computer Engineering


Cyber-attacks happen every second, and we see in the news regarding compromised entities. The traditional defenses, techniques, and procedures still fail to protect the systems from cyber threats. There is a need for systems which are more resilient and prevent compromising themselves. Cyber security gaps can be filled with dynamic systems along with traditional ones. The static nature of the system configurations is one reason that paves the way for the threat actor to initiate an attack. Moving Target Defense shifts the attack surface to prevent cyber threats and break the cyber kill chain in the early stages. Host IP address obfuscation is one of the techniques to implement dynamic nature in the system's configuration. Implementing dynamic nature deteriorates the network controller performance more than anticipated, and the network can be in-operable at some point. This paper implements a simple IP obfuscation technique in Software Defined Networking, and the network controller performance is measured. In the end, we will discuss various network performance measurement metrics needed to be considered and benchmarked in future work.

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Proceedings of the Second International Conference On Innovations In Computing Research

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