Driven Chain Macromolecule in a Heterogeneous Membrane-Like Medium

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Physics and Astronomy


Monte Carlo simulations are performed to study the conformational relaxation of a large polymer chain driven into a heterogeneous ( membranelike) substrate on a discrete lattice. Chains are created on trails of constrained self- avoiding walks ( SAW) on the lattice. Kink - jump, crank - shaft, and reptation moves are used to move segments of chains. Short chains of length L-sc are driven by a field E-1 toward an impenetrable substrate to design a membrane medium with mobile chain segments. A long chain of length L-lc is then driven by a field E-2 into the membrane medium and is subsequently allowed to relax in a field E-3. Radius of gyration R-g and end- to- end distance Re of the long chain are examined. The relaxation of the conformation of the long chain and its magnitude is found to depend on the initial ( predeposition) conformation of the chain, i. e., on E-2. For a relatively relaxed initial conformation ( at E-2 = 0. 1), the longitudinal component of the radius of gyration ( R-gz) is found to decay with the driving field E-3 with a power law, R-gz proportional to E-3(nu) where nu similar or equal to 0. 1 at low field ( E-3 less than or equal to 0. 1) and nu similar or equal to 1/ 3 at high field E-3 greater than or equal to 0. 1.

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Structural Chemistry





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