Effect of an interactive web-based instruction in the performance of undergraduate anatomy and physiology lab students

Tamilselvi Gopal, University of Southern Mississippi
Sherry S. Herron, University of Southern Mississippi
Jacob C. Blickenstaff, University of Southern Mississippi


This study provides an understanding of how different interactive technology tools that are integrated into a Website can be used for teaching undergraduate human anatomy and physiology laboratory students. Technology tools refer to a Website that the authors created to teach the Cardiovascular System that includes dynamic tools such as the Pronunciation Corner and Spelling Bee, and an Interactive practice and test tool. The Cardiovascular System was chosen as the subject matter to modify based upon the results of a pilot study where students indicated difficulty in understanding this subject. In addition, a "Teacher Resources" tool on the Website allows any teacher to create their own Pronunciation Corner and Spelling Bee and use them for their classes. The statistical analyses showed that the experimental group students (who had access to the Website) took advantage of the technology tools provided and demonstrated significant improvement in their performance on the cardiovascular portion of the lab test. (C) 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.