Distribution and Conservation Status of the Giant Anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) in Honduras

Hector Orlando Portillo Reyes, Escuela Agrícola Panamericana El Zamorano
Wilfredo Antonio Matamoros, University of Southern Mississippi
Sheri L. Glowinski, University of Southern Mississippi


Reports of the giant anteater (Myrnecophaga tridactyla) in Central America, and specifically in Honduras, are sporadic and typically ofjust one individual. During a 3.5-year (2001-2005) Honduran Program of Biological Monitoring, four new reports of the giant anteater were made in protected areas located in the Honduran Mosquitia in the department of Gracias a Dios and Olancho with the most sightings made in the propsed protected area of Rus Rus. Three additional reports independent of the Honduran Program of Biological Monitoring are documented herein as well; these reports also are from the protected area of Rus Rus. We conclude that the giant anteater probably has been extirpated from the Caribbean region of Honduras, but remains present in the Honduran Mosquitia in the departments of Gracias a Dios and Olancho.