Comparisons of Potential Allelopathy of 7 Fresh Water Species of Spikerushes (Eleocharis)

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Chemistry and Biochemistry


Aqueous extracts of seven species of freshwater Eleocharis spp. were tested for allelopathic activity using lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. black seeded Simpson) seedling and common duckweed (Lemna minor L.) assay systems. All extracts affected growth of lettuce seedling radicles compared to the control means except the lowest concentration (25 ppt) of E. acicularis, E. equisetoides, E. flavescens, E. obtusa, and the 125 ppt concentration of E. equisetoides. Mean radicle lengths resulting from 25 ppt extract were different from means resulting from 125 ppt of extract. Results from the common duckweed frond growth method were: inhibition of growth at 125 and 250 ppt of extract from E. montana, and 250 ppt of extract from both E. obtusa and E. tuberculosa. Within treatment comparisons indicated that the 25 and 125 ppt extracts did not affect growth differently except for E. quadrangulata; the 25 ppt of extract produced significantly different growth than the 250 ppt concentration except in E. obtusa and E. tuberculosa. Compared to results from other aquatic and wetland plants, these extracts were not very effective at reducing duckweed growth.

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Journal of Aquatic Plant Management



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