Evaluation of CAY-1, an Experimental, Natural Fungicide, for Control of Strawberry Pathogens

Kenneth J. Curry, University of Southern Mississippi
M. Abril, University of Southern Mississippi
A.J. DeLucca, United States Department of Agriculture
S. Boue, United States Department of Agriculture
B.J. Smith, USDA - Agriculture Research Service
D.E. Wedge, USDA - Agriculture Research Service

Originally published in: Acta Horticulturae. 842:295-298.

The original publication is available at www.actahort.org.

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CAY-1 is an experimental, natural product being tested as a potential fungicide. This saponin isolated from Capsicum frutescens interacts with membrane sterols causing leakage of cell components and ultimately cell death in a variety of fungi. CAY-1 and the commercial fungicide captan were tested in an in vitro doseresponse dilution-broth assay. They caused at least 85% growth inhibition of the fungal pathogens Colletotrichum acutatum, C fragariae and C. gloeosporioides when tested at 3.0 μM. Even though CAY-1 strongly reduced the growth of these fungal pathogens in laboratory assays and prevented anthracnose development in detached leaf assays, it did not control foliar or fruit rot diseases of strawberry in field trials.