Dental implants in patients treated with oral bisphosphonates. A bibliographic review

Isabel Ma Morata-Murcia, University of Southern Mississippi


Bisphosphonates inhibit bone resorption and are used to treat a range of pathologies, including Paget disease, osteoporosis, multiple myeloma and metastases associated with breast or prostate cancer. At present, there is no effective treatment for bisphosphonate induced osteonecrosis, so prevention is extremely important. Since quality of life deteriorates for those suffering osteonecrosis, maximum precautions should be taken with patients at risk, and especially whenever oral surgery, including dental implant placement, is contemplated. Dentists and oral or maxillofacial surgeons must keep up to date with the latest approaches to prevention, particularly when treating patients who are presently taking, or who will be taking bisphosphonates and are also candidates for dental implants.