The Navy


The Navy



The Navy is a colorful guide to an elite maritime force with a glorious history that plays a key role in US overseas operations and US foreign policy today. The US Navy is the largest in the world today. Deployed in every theatre, it has operational capabilities that are greater than the next 13 navies combined. The core of the Navy deployment, the carrier strike group, can bring to bear a force of more than 100 modern aircraft and 7000 Marines, which many other countries’ armed forces struggle to match. Numbering almost 350,000 active duty personnel today, the Navy emerged during the early 19th century as a guarantor of American independence in the face of British incursions in 1812 and Barbary pirate raids on American shipping in the Atlantic. The Federal navy blockaded Confederate ports during the Civil War, and helped expand US influence across the Pacific and into the Caribbean in the early 20th century. During World War II, in combination with the Marines, the Navy formed the main thrust of the fight against Japan in the Pacific and East Asia. By 1945, it was the world’s most powerful navy, and has remained so ever since. The book includes photographs from the Civil War up to the present, with a particular focus on recruitment, weaponry and modern training methods, as well as naval personnel on deployment in the Indian Ocean, Pacific and East Asia today. Highly illustrated with more than 200 photographs, The Navy is a colorful celebration of the world’s most powerful navy.



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The Navy