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Maturation of Penaeus vannamei Based Upon a Survey

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Captive maturation and reproduction of Penaeus vannamei, a popularly cultured penaeid shrimp, was first achieved in 1977. Based upon interviews of 18 facility managers, average conditions are as follows: tank diameter of 4.6 m (15 ft), 100% water exchange with recirculation, temperature 27-29°C. salinity 28-32 ppt, and a photoperiod of 13-14 hours of light. Broodstock are predominately wild, undergo unilateral eyestalk ablation by enuculation, and are stocked at five per square meter with a 1:1 sex ratio. Penaeus vannamei at most facilities are fed squid, pellets and bloodworms four times daily and 3-7% of the females are found to be mated per night and 50% of the eggs are expected to hatch. Most facility managers anticipate some misplaced and some melanization of smmataphores.

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