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Eleven New Species of Free-Living Marine Nematodes

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The genus Halalaimus is reviewed and divided into four groups based on characters of the male. Characters used to separate the groups of males include presence or absence of caudal algae and the presence or absence of a precloacal sensillum and/or pore. Ten new species are described from St. Andrew Bay, Bay County, Florida, and H. gerlachi n. sp. is proposed for H. gracilis sensu GerIach, 1967. New species from St. Andrew Bay are H. thalassinus, H. tarjani, H. bayensis, H. bulbocaudatus, H. variabilis, H. paracomatus, H. americanus, H. floridanus, H. brimi, and H. parafletcheri. Keys to the species of each group are provided based on characters of the male. A key to the females of the genus is also provided.

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