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Preliminary Observations on Oyster Pearl Net Cultivation in Coastal Georgia


This work reports on survivorship and growth rates attained by a transplanted northern stock of Crassostrea virginica (x̄ = 15 mm) tested at various densities in pearl nets in sheltered and exposed sites in coastal Georgia (October 1985 - August 1986). Monthly growth increments ranged from 4.5 to 5.1 mm (shell height). One hundred oysters per net was the optimum stocking density. One hundred percent mortality was suffered at both sites during June - August (probably due to Perkinsus marinus). Current growth rates indicate a growth to market size time of 18 months or less for 15 mm seed grown in pearl nets. However, pearl net cultivation is shown to have serious drawbacks as an oyster grow-out system for coastal Georgia and alternative systems are discussed.