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An Investigation of the Reproductive Mode of the Pinfish, Lagodon rhomboides Linnaeus (Osteichthyes: Sparidae)


The majority of sparids studied have shown evidence of hermaphroditism. The reproductive mode of the pinfish was investigated using museum and field collections of pinfish (n = 974) distributed in size from 13 to 276 mm SL. The observed female to male sex ratio of 1.3:1.0 was not significantly different from uniformity. Males were distributed in size from 63 to 252 mm SL (x̄ = 127 mm); females were distributed from 57 to 276 mm (x̄ = 119 mm). Individuals of undetermined sex occurred to 178 mm SL. Although the mean lengths of the sexes differed significantly, overlapping length-frequency distributions suggested gonochoristic development. Gonadosomatic indices (GSI) indicated spawning occurs between October and March in pinfish. Contrary to the predominance of hermaphroditism in sparids, histological investigation of the gonads of 106 specimens supported gonochorism as the reproductive mode in pinfish.