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Microsatellite Markers for Red Drum, Sciaenops ocellatus


Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) primers are reported for 68 nuclear-encoded microsatellites developed during the past several years from genomic libraries of red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus). All 68 microsatellites were tested for reproducibility and polymorphism on a sample of five to 12 red drum; 60 of the microsatellites were found to be polymorphic. Estimates of observed and expected heterozygosity (gene diversity) and tests of conformity of genotypes to Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium were carried out for a subset of 31 microsatellites on a larger sample of 45 adults provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife. Levels of allelic and gene diversity were average relative to values observed for marine and anadromous fishes. The set of genetic markers should be useful for a variety of studies, including monitoring and assessment of red drum stock enhancement.