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Species Composition and Seasonality of the Smallest Size Class of Shrimp in the Tortugas Fishery of Florida


Shrimps from the smallest commercial size class (68 or more heads-off shrimp per 454 g) were analyzed from samples collected at the Tortugas fishing grounds from March 2002 through March 2004. Pink shrimp Farfantepenaeus duorarum and yellow roughneck shrimp Rimapenaeus similis occurred together in 90% of the samples, comprising 65.4% and 27.2% of individuals, respectively. Estimates of the proportion and seasonality of both species in the shrimp samples were combined with an analysis of the smallest size class in the Tortugas landings data. Our analysis suggested that yellow roughneck shrimp make up 23.6% by number of the smallest shrimp catch and constitute 6.6% by weight of total shrimp landings, very similar results to those from 1959. Results also indicated that there was a significant difference in the seasonality of each species during the collection period. A follow-up study of this unreported yellow roughneck shrimp is recommended to ensure sound data and good management for this important fishery.